It’s all moving!


20171005_195347Only one week to go until ‘The Animator’s Studio’ and we’re getting excited by the weird and wonderful goings-on in her studio.

The Animator’s Studio, 14th-15th October, The Museum in the Park, Stroud.
A free, drop-in event for all ages.



Dear Flora

August 24th.
Dear Flora,
How are you? I hope you are well. I am well... but preoccupied. 
Yes, I think you might say I'm always preoccupied with my project, 
preoccupied and grumpy yes? So, the reason i am writing is to tell
you something, but I hope you won't laugh at me and my funny ideas.
 A very strange thing happened today, although I think it was 
probably just my overtired imagination. After all I have been 
working long hours, though I don't like to complain. Earlier, 
working alone in the studio as usual, surrounded by my equipment 
(no I haven't tidied up, the mountains of what you call 'junk' 
are still towering to the ceiling). I had just completed another 
stage in my research, with little success of course, and placed 
my film strips down on the desk next to me. I was sitting there 
lost in thought and a strange idea came to me all of a sudden 
(something unexpected about how to truly animate the inanimate; 
too complicated for a quick letter) but as I opened my eyes again
I am sure I saw the flicker of movement from inside the screen of
my animatronaciser (yes that old thing is still going, still a 
valuable machine as you'll see). Nothing unusual there, except 
that it was switched off. Yes it was switched off - I checked 
twice - at the plug. And this is where you may not believe me 
and I don't blame you; when I peered into the eyepiece I saw the 
characters moving. 
I can just hear you laughing at me, your old eccentric aunt. 
Ah well, laugh if you must but I know what I saw. I sat there for 
a long time watching, making sure I wasn't asleep and dreaming. 
What a strange thing to write in a letter, but I do believe my 
machine may have worked in some unpredictable and truly strange 
way. I don't quite believe it myself, in fact I won't write any 
more about it as I think I should talk to you in person. Oh I 
wish you could visit, you could come and see if you can see anything
 strange here. In fact yes, do come, come and help me, bring all 
your friends, anyone in fact who could help (with good sight or 
keen senses)! How about one of the coming weekends? Or sometime 
in early October perhaps? I feel that there is something special 
about to happen in the studio, something marvellous but far beyond 
my understanding!
With lots of love,
Your aunt

The Animator's Studio, 14th-15th October, The Museum in the Park, Stroud.
A free, drop-in event for all ages.