Coming to life…

It may be the summer holidays for most people, but here at Periscope HQ we’re deep in planning mode for the next big event; The Big Draw in October, at the Museum in the Park. We’re exploring all things animated and moving, things which come to life and things which just look like they might do!

It’s all a bit Heath Robinson over here. We’re getting excited about our new character arriving and how we can create another wonderful temporary studio space for them to work in. We’ve even got the old Acmiola film editing machine that’s at the Museum involved. More details coming soon…


The Big Draw at the Museum in the Park, 14th/15th October.  A free, drop-in immersive interactive event for all ages.


Here at Periscope we’re waking up from winter and peering up and out! We’ve got a whole list of events planned for this year, starting off with another wonderful, immersive20161108_172851 event in the walled garden at the Museum in the Park in the Easter holidays (dates tbc).

Looking on to Summer, on the 2-4th June we will be holding a participatory event responding to Adam White’s solo exhibition. Finally (for now!) we’ll be once again participating in the Big Draw on the 14th and 15th October, setting up another large, immersive event within the Museum in the Park.

We’re also planning other events further afield, so watch this space!

The Dream of the Plant Collector event

Two weeks since the opening of the walled garden and since the Dream of the Plant Collector event and we’re still receiving positively glowing feedback from those who went, and sorting through the resources from the event. We were blessed by excellent weather, late autumn sun meant people could explore the garden at leisure and sit and write their postcards in the warm sunshine.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, here are some images from the event…