And here we present a very small sample of the amazingly vibrant and varied results of The Fossil Hunter’s Field Tent (Periscope’s most recent event)…



The tents are up, the samples collected and labelled, the inks laid out and equipment ready to go. We’ve got a wealth of truly gorgeous material to inspire you in the Fossil hunter’s Field Tent event, fossils yes of course, but also some fabulous samples of Adam White’s work (whose solo show ‘Palaeontology is a dangerous beast’ is on in Gallery 1 at the Museum) and some rather strange specimens including a couple of live ones…

We’ve got projections, sound and touch to fill your senses and plenty of wonderful materials to use including our jewel-coloured inks, twig charcoal and gorgeous dip-pens.

Come and spin some yarns with us, come and imagine a very, very distant past (or a possible future?), play our word/image games and spend some time in a very different time!

11am-4pm, 1st-4th June, The Museum in the Park, Stroud. Free, drop in, for all ages.

The field tents are up, the equipment has been sorted and research has started. Don’t miss the fossil hunter’s field tent next Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th June. “Enter the dreamy world of the fossil hunter’s imagination in an immersive environment filled with sound, projection and intriguing equipment. Explore how we see, how we imagine and how history is often a strange mix of half-truths, fictions and dreams. A creative event from periscope which involves drawing and participatory creativity in a gentle, involving environment”.
Although we present our events with humour – and humour is also deeply embedded in our practice – Periscope events are also rather serious. There are some big issues being explored through games, through apparently light explorations and imaginative play. This language Pericope just used in that last sentence to describe our work reveals more about the artificial dichotomies in  everyday life and in a general approach to creativity itself which often is seen as a light, playful, not very ‘useful’ act. Whilst we often (literally) draw upon and reference areas of ‘hard’ science, we do so with ‘soft’ playful experiences, in order to reveal and explore some important experiences. So whilst our events appeal to children from a tender age up (any age in fact!), there is plenty for teenagers and adults to explore, plenty for everyone to get their teeth into. We ask some pretty serious questions about history, time, research and creativity through our fun and games, through our ironic references, departures into fantasy and silly juxtapositions. We hope you both enjoy these events and are stimulated by some of the questions we raise.

Thursday 1st June – Sunday 4th June, 11am-4pm The Museum in the Park, Stroud. A free, drop-in event for all ages.poster fossil hunter

A fossil hunter’s diary 2

“May 21st. Things here at the camp go from strange to stranger. This morning over a sadly frugal breakfast I received a letter, enclosed in which was an old print on a crumpled piece of paper. Who would have sent me this and why? Once again it worried me to the extent that lunch did not tempt me and it was not until dinner that I felt able to eat once again. This trip will see me wasting away! We continued excavating a small area around yesterday’s find but all the while my mind was on this scrap of paper, no doubt it was my empty stomach causing my imagination to link it to the fossilised creature we were uncovering. I told myself sternly that of course there couldn’t be a connection, but all the same I wonder at the earlier fanciful depictions of prehistoric monsters like this and shiver with anticipation to see what creature we are now discovering!”


A Fossil Hunter’s diary

“May 20th. A bright, cold day. Awoke from vivid dreams of an ichthyosaur’s nose to find my toes being nibbled by a wild dog. Bother these field tents! They provide so little in the way of protection from the elements. However the morning soon improved with the discovery of a rather strange find. None of us here in the camp are sure what it could be, a strange creature certainly, a completely new specimen and thankfully almost completely undamaged and complete! What a find, I could hardly manage any lunch. Come dinner time it remained a mystery still, perhaps once we return home all will seem clearer. I attach below a photograph of a detail, what a marvellous thing!”


The Fossil Hunter’s Field Tent, 1-4th June, 10am-4pm, The Museum in the Park, Stroud