The Planning Office

“Over here at Periscope HQ we’ve developed our flat-pack planning office; The box files are packed to bursting, the post-it notes are stacked, our drawing boards are ready and our highlighter pens are neatly lined up. At the Planning Office some new technology is being tested including our cutting edge slide projector, a top-of-the-range Spirograph and even a brand new dot matrix printer!
Best of all we’ve got some of the most inspiring source-material for you to work from. A perfect nest, some luscious honeycomb, new full colour electron micrograph images on 35mm slides and some incredible crystals.
Now all we need is you! We need you to come along prepared to explore, read, draw, design, look, think, play, print, examine and explore to help develop our research into how nature builds and grows. Tea and biscuits will of course be provided in the Planning Office.”


For this short Periscope event, the space was arranged with tables in a fractal pattern, with source material pointing towards a rather dated office environment complete with highlighter pens, overhead projector, printer and blueprints. Playing on the idea of a planning office, the event looked at growth patterns in nature and explored geometry, fractals, growth and repeat patterns through printing, paper construction and observational drawing.


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