The Fossil Hunter’s Field Tent

The Fossil Hunter’s Field Tent was held at the Museum in the Park to support the solo exhibition by artist Adam White. Periscope drew on some of the explicit and hidden themes of his work: fossils, the intertwining of symbolism, stories and narratives, alternatives views of history and time. The event was held in the Pavilion within two smaller ‘field tents’ and the area in between, creating a range of spaces within a space. The character of the fossil hunter was developed through diary excerpts and a huge range of source material both ‘real’ and constructed. There was an emphasis on seeing; through various optical instruments, through obscured views, through blind drawing machines etc, and an emphasis on the construction of new stories and histories through these different ways of observing.

Activities included ‘blind drawing’, drawing within a box, drawing what was felt within a box, dinosaur ‘consequences’, drawing with shadows and from projections, erasing and redrawing photocopies and a mutation of Chinese whispers in drawing form. Two darkened close observation areas – with inks, dip pens and other drawing materials – within the tents created an atmosphere of quiet concentration. The source material ranged from material from the Museum, to early fossil hunting records to 1950’s dinosaur film posters, all with a touch of fantasy and wry humour which hid some rather more serious questions about how we see the world and how history is written.



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