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Periscope are involved in research into education, ways of engaging participation and creative methodologies. Here you can read some of that ongoing research and see how it affects our practice:

January 13th 2017: A mash up of Tim Ingold’s writing on education:

“…education is about about making “school” in the sense of scholè (ancient greek; signified the flight of undergoing from the determination of doing). As the architect of scholè, the educator or teacher ‘is the one who un-finishes, who undoes the appropriation and destination of time’. He is not so much a custodian of ends as a catalyst of beginnings, whose task it is to unlock the imagination and to confer upon it the freedom to roam without aim or destination.
We should not, of course, confuse school in this sense with the institution familiar to western societies that commonly goes by that name. For in its institutional history, the school has been largely devoted to corralling the imagination, to converting it into a capacity to represent ends in advance of their achievement. the object of the institution… has been to assert the primacy of the maze (finding the end) over the labyrinth (the journey)… and of mastery over submission…
Scholè puts a delay on end-directed activity. On this plane of immanence, where nothing is any more what it was or yet what it will be, there is – as the saying goes – everything to play for. Unfinished, freed up from ends and objectives, common to all, the world is once more restored to presence, it touches us, so that we – together exposed to its touch – can live with it, in its company. Or, in a word, we can correspond with it.”

Tim Ingold, The Life of Lines, p146. My brackets.


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