The Animators Studio

This was our third Big Draw event at The Museum In The Park one year on from The Dream of the Plant Collector. This time our studio was the domain of an inventor who is captivated by movement and the moving image. We referenced early Victorian attempts at animation and the room contained many examples of the inventor’s own experiments fashioned from household objects: coat-hangers, a cake-stand, a lampshade, clock mechanisms and a rotary washing line. Participants could play with many different ways of making drawings move and drawing with movement and also assist in the construction of a large rotary drawing machine. The event took place over one weekend in October 2017.


Talk: An introduction to Periscope

You are invited to hear more about who Periscope are and what we do in our informal talk this Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Stroud Valleys Artspace, Stroud. We’ll be talking about previous projects, future plans, what makes our events so special and what the thinking is behind our ideas. Come and chat to us, ask us questions and find out more all with a cup of tea and piece of cake from the SVA café. The talk is part of the 2017 Open Studios programme so lots of lovely artists to meet at SVA too, make a day of it! Hope to see you there!

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The Dream of the Plant Collector event

Two weeks since the opening of the walled garden and since the Dream of the Plant Collector event and we’re still receiving positively glowing feedback from those who went, and sorting through the resources from the event. We were blessed by excellent weather, late autumn sun meant people could explore the garden at leisure and sit and write their postcards in the warm sunshine.

Since a picture tells a thousand words, here are some images from the event…









What’s it all about?

Just a little reminder what all those images in previous blog posts are about! Periscope is facilitating the event for the official opening of the Walled Garden at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. We are thrilled to be part of this event because of our history of working with the Museum, and because of our experience of working with the Walled Garden (or the Secret Garden as we like to call it!) starting with a year long artist residency back in 2009. Come and join us next weekend, whether it’s to see the garden for the first time, to engage with the story of the history of the Museum and the Plant Collectors or to dive right in and have a fantastic creative experience!  poster-copy