A fossil hunter’s diary 2

“May 21st. Things here at the camp go from strange to stranger. This morning over a sadly frugal breakfast I received a letter, enclosed in which was an old print on a crumpled piece of paper. Who would have sent me this and why? Once again it worried me to the extent that lunch did not tempt me and it was not until dinner that I felt able to eat once again. This trip will see me wasting away! We continued excavating a small area around yesterday’s find but all the while my mind was on this scrap of paper, no doubt it was my empty stomach causing my imagination to link it to the fossilised creature we were uncovering. I told myself sternly that of course there couldn’t be a connection, but all the same I wonder at the earlier fanciful depictions of prehistoric monsters like this and shiver with anticipation to see what creature we are now discovering!”



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