A Fossil Hunter’s diary

“May 20th. A bright, cold day. Awoke from vivid dreams of an ichthyosaur’s nose to find my toes being nibbled by a wild dog. Bother these field tents! They provide so little in the way of protection from the elements. However the morning soon improved with the discovery of a rather strange find. None of us here in the camp are sure what it could be, a strange creature certainly, a completely new specimen and thankfully almost completely undamaged and complete! What a find, I could hardly manage any lunch. Come dinner time it remained a mystery still, perhaps once we return home all will seem clearer. I attach below a photograph of a detail, what a marvellous thing!”


The Fossil Hunter’s Field Tent, 1-4th June, 10am-4pm, The Museum in the Park, Stroud


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