The Planning Office

The Planning Office

The next Periscope event 20th, 21st and 22nd April, 11am-4pm, at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. All ages.

It’s spring and time for a fresh start at work, as the outside world wakes up and starts some fervent growth process, you too can get going! Wear your smartest suit and settle yourself down in a swivel chair. Prepare to enter the planning office, submit your building plans and investigate repetition, patterns and structures. Use all things office-related and some surprising materials to explore the world of natural building; from nests to cells, fractals to honeycomb, what forms and ideas will you contribute to the office walls?

Monday Memo from the Boss: This week’s focus: team-work! I need your help looking at building, construction and building-blocks… what are they and how do we design them? This week, let’s go back to the drawing board and really focus on inspiration from outside the office, (let’s look at ways of working outside the box! Blue sky thinking!) like how birds build nests or how cells multiply. You’ll be using our brand new dot-matrix printer too, as well as the usual office supplies.

Team motivation; Extra cup of tea for everyone who takes part!

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