Some past Periscope projects

For those of you new to Periscope events, here’s a brief description of the last five events from 2014 to 2016… more images for each event can be seen in the projects section on the left hand menu.

‘The Wanderer’s Drawing Studio’ (2014). One of the earlier Periscope projects, The Wanderer’s Drawing Studio was linked to Emily’s solo show at the Museum in the Park, which loosely developed the idea of the character of the Romantic Wanderer throughout the exhibition. Source material included maps and mountains, plants and roots echoing imagery from the exhibition. The workshop event formed the prototype for future Periscope events in that it discarded the traditional model of a taught workshop, instead the room was transformed into a drawing studio in which lots of exciting drawing tools were presented.

The Botanical Laboratory (2015) was the first Periscope Big Draw event and focused on drawing in relation to science and mathematics. The room became a laboratory, with scientific instruments, hypotheses and many possible solutions, all linked in some way to drawing methods.

The Inventors’ Studio kept drawing at its core but encompassed paper mechanics, wire sculpture, an interactive installation and work with fabric. The studio appeared to be the workshop of slightly eccentric inventors who believed that with a little help from the public, they would discover how to make humans fly. Their thoughts, experiment and diary excerpts were displayed along side the growing collection of trials and experiments.

Paper Cities was a slightly more structured workshop in that there were limited materials and clear guidelines, however the paper city itself soon grew to fill half the room, inspiring poems and amateur films!




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